Thursday, February 09, 2017

All of these inspire and move me but it's Malala that brings the tears. They tried to blow out her brains and look at her. 

Our enemies are stupid and small. They don't have a chance.

Monday, February 06, 2017


So the roof is re-shingled and it looks great. But there are several other projects the contractor is supposed to do, but I haven't heard a word since the roofers finished last Tuesday. I'm not worried. We're also waiting to find out if the insurance company is going to foot the bill for a LARGE project that became obviously necessary once they'd got the old shingles off - there were three layers instead of just the one.

So I wait. There is still some material, and a wheelbarrow and a ladder, here, so I assume they'll be back when all the ducks have got in line.

Mood-wise, the third antidepressant seems to be doing its job. I'm feeling more like me than I have for a year. And I'm resuming some of my grown-up habits I was secretly proud of developing before the black dog bit me. My spirits are much better, even though my country's agony under the putsch harrows me daily.  I do what I can to help resist. I wish I could do more. But my year's inactivity has taken its toll on my very body - I'm going to have to build up my muscle strength gradually because I'm weaker now, and have very little stamina. And there's an ever-growing list of home projects I need to address; so much piled up while I was depressed, I can't believe it. Ah well, I'll plug along and do the best I can.

I am so glad the black dog went away!