Thursday, June 26, 2014

A regretful admission

I am *not* going to get *any* of the books read for the Once Upon a Time Challenge that I so rashly announced here.

It was one of those impulsive ideas that I tend to sign on for and then beat myself up for once I realize it was never going to happen.

I'm trying not to beat myself up for this failure. I mean, it is of no consequence to anyone, not even me. So I shall apply my rational mind and put this behind me. No harm done.

*dusts off hands* Now off to that PhD I never even applied for... (not really).

Friday, June 13, 2014

First I fallen behind then I catchen up

Lots of putzy stuff going on in the umpteen days since my last post. Mostly house and yard-keeping. Some fun stuff, too.

I got the director's chair camp chair re-canvassed for my adventurer's bedroom:

I got low-cost (what I thought was) canvas from the Hancock's upholstery remnants. Turned out, it stretches a bit. I didn't know that until I sat in it. It's OK to sit in but I wouldn't bounce around much. It's mostly just for show anyhow. I was pleased with how it turned out.

It took me forever to get around to mowing my back yard (I love it long and going to seed but heh heh I don't think my neighbors do) but now that it's done (last Sunday!) it'll be easy to keep it mowed weekly. The front's looking pretty good. I planted a bunch of lavender Ageratum, white annual begonia with bronze leaves, some dark purple petunias and white petunias, in the little bare spots in the front boomerang and along the side of the garage.

I've been watching out for fireflies but haven't seen any yet. I wonder if the temps have been a little cool so far. It'd be nice if they'd show up for my son's and family's (how *do* you punctuate that?) visit next week.

I finally got to see "The Triplets of Belleville" on Netflix (meaning N. finally got it bought) - not at all what I was expecting. What an odd, weird, film. Still deciding whether to buy it for my French movies library... I also bought "The Night of the Doctor" off Amazon. I think that might be the best acting job Matt Smith ever did in that role, and that is saying a lot, IMO. It will require additional viewings, like all the big DW's do.

As for reading, I just finished The Way of Herodotus by Justin Marozzi:

I really enjoyed it. I knew nothing about Herodotus but now I want to get his "Histories" and dig into them like crazy.

I'm currently reading "Full Dark House" by Christopher Fowler:

It's the first in the "Bryant and May" London detectives series and I'm really loving it.

I'll be learning all about vegan cuisine while the kids are here, looking forward to that.

And that's about it. Lovely weather we've been having, all is well and I am among the luckiest people alive, rich in friends and family.