Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm not usually much of a joiner, but

for some reason, this time Carl Anderson's Once Upon a Time reading challenge really appeals to me this year. The link is through the beautiful image on the right side-bar. Join in! It's all about reading/viewing fun!

Quoting a bit from Carl's intro:

Friday, March 21st begins the eigth annual Once Upon a Time Challenge. This is a reading and viewing event that encompasses four broad categories: Fairy Tale, Folklore, Fantasy and Mythology, including the seemingly countless sub-genres and blending of genres that fall within this spectrum. The challenge continues through June 21st and allows for very minor (1 book only) participation as well as more immersion depending on your reading/viewing whims.Don’t like the word “challenge”? We have something special just for you.
I'm hoping to exceed the minimum requirements to complete Quest the Second, Quest the Third, and the Short Story Quest - viewing films and TV shows on the weekends for the latter, and I want to go back and re-read the original Shakespeare play for the Midsummer Night's Dream challenge.  This starts tomorrow! Eek! Well, I have several to choose from right here at home - that I haven't read (and I've got the complete Shakespeare handy, too) so I can get started on the dot. I hope to post reviews of everything I read or watch.

This could get interesting...


Vasilly said...

There's something about Carl's challenges that always make me smile and want to join. Happy reading.

Terry said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to grand adventures.

Lynn said...

I hope you enjoy this event. Carl's events are always awesome, so much so that it's difficult not to join up!
Lynn :D

Anonymous said...

This is such a low-key, low-pressure, high-fun challenge, it's the perfect one even for a "non-joiner." :)