Sunday, March 16, 2014

Game day!

Around here, that has zero to do with oversized glandular mutants running into each other on plastic grass. It's all about playing table top games!

Today it was 7 Wonders. There were five of us, and we had a ball.

It's vastly more complicated than any game we've tried out so far, and I'm pretty sure we bent some rules and made some up just to keep the thing moving, but we'll learn all the ins and outs eventually. 

We decided on a name for our group: "Eat. Talk. Play."  And our motto is, "Eh, we don't care." So we're not overly competitive, although I'm thinking that when we get proficient at some of these games, the competition is going to warm up. I am not very competitive myself so I just play for the social fun. And the food. 

We've got dates lined up for April and May, and I think we're hoping to make it a monthly thing. 

An added benefit is that it causes me to clean house really well at least once a month!

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