Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I dood it!

The map wall is done. Took about two hours. No glitches, no worries. The adhesive hook & loop and the removable mounting putty worked fine - so far. I anticipate that some of them will fail. If too many do, I may have to decide whether to bite the bullet and do the Real Wallpaper Paste schtick. Oh I do so hope I don't have to do that. This was a breeze - as can be seen in the photo, I didn't worry my pretty little head about making any pattern or regimen, just slapped 'em up there - though I did make sure they were square with ceiling and adjacent walls.

The Before picture:

with the obligatory cat, shows the awful crappy silver wallpaper I've put up with for over twenty years (really, what is wrong with me???).

Here's the After picture:

I've got rid of the two little table/cupboard thingies, replaced them with that neat old floor globe (that lights up!).  Hmmm...you can tell some time has passed between the first picture and the second - the shelves have filled up. LOL as they do.

So, I'm chuffed. Another long-desired project done. On to the next! No, wait - on to cookies and milk. Next can wait until tomorrow.

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