Monday, July 30, 2012

Been so long since I was here...

I went for a little hike at Neale Woods Nature Center north of downtown Omaha (way north) this forenoon. I'd forgotten how *hilly* it is! Came home knackered. But I'll be returning often. I need the exercise and the change of scenery.

My two best photos of the hike:

That's about as sunny as it got while I was hiking. It was warm and muggy, and overcast. Every time a tiny shaft of sunshine would pierce the clouds and illuminate a charming bottlebrush or sweet cicely, by the time I had the camera on it, it had gone away again. There will be other days.

This is at the end of the hike. The gnomon points directly at 12, but it was after 12 when I took this so I'm not sure how to read it! Isn't that dumb? You'd think it would be hard-wired into our genes by now, how to read a sundial. I like the random rusty metal and the just-discernible etchings.

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