Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Belated follow-up

The Christmas cookie extravaganza seemed to be a success, if people's ravings about the cookies are any indication. There's always the possibility that they're just reluctant to hurt my feelings. But for the sake of sanity, I choose to accept the compliments as stated, and everyone who received them is very welcome.

To prove I really did bake cookies, and that the "halfway" photo wasn't just a staged scene, here's a picture of some of the cookies:

Clockwise from the top, they're: Ginger sticks (they have fancy gold and green sugar on them but they're turned on their sides in this picture); eggnog cookies with eggnog frosting; lime & ginger cookies; chocolate chip cookies, and Jammy Dodgers. 

Jammy Dodgers, you will no doubt recall, are proclaimed by Doctor #11 as "The Best!" and he even uses one to bluff the Daleks in one show. These are made from scratch and I vow, as Chthulu is my witness, I will never ever do that again. WHAT a pain in the neck! I'm so slow, it wasn't until I had the  sugar boiling in the pan that I realized that this "raspberry caramel" stuff I was making WAS CANDY - you know: caramel! And I don't make candy. I learned long ago, candy and I do not get along in the making process. But, since I'd bought fresh raspberries and gone to the trouble of extracting the juice, and since the cookie parts were already baked and waiting, I followed through the best I could. It did not turn out perfectly, but no one has complained so again, for sanity's sake, I'm going to assume they were eaten and enjoyed. But next time I'm buying caramel candies and frozen raspberry juice, and saving myself a lot of work. 

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