Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fool, rushing in

(a watercolor I made up long, long ago)

It's the depths of winter (even though it's been pretty mild here so far), and I'm cabin-crazy. My urge is to bury myself in blankets, fortified with hot chocolate and a six-foot stack of mind candy in the form of books, and British TV mysteries, and just not be seen outdoors at all until April. It wears on the mood, it does.

Also it's hard on the health. This is my most inert, junk-food-crazed time of the year. And the least social. Really, why DID I not get into the Hibernate line B.B. (Before Birth)???

Anyway, in a desperate attempt to not devolve into a puddle of primordial ooze here, I'm going to give a "Month of Drawings" a try. (If you google that you might find something, but I just made it up right here so whatever you come across has nothing to do with me.) I'm going to spend February trying to do a drawing a day, and post it here. Fair warning: they're likely to be drek, but I am going to go at each one with the best of my abilities. Not just scribble something to fill out the day's check box. And I will go further: I'm going to draw actual people, places or things, not *pictures* of people, places or things. That will probably mean I'm going to have to go out of the house sometimes. *shudder* It'll be good for me. I might expand the OK subjects into mere designs for things, too, like designs for end papers of books, or placemats or something. I have two more days to prepare myself for the ordeal. So do you. Good luck to both of us!


Vagabonde said...

I am like you, in winter I like to read British mysteries. Your watercolor is attaching – I like the form and the colors.

Terry said...

Thank you, Vagabonde! I think little of my efforts but they're fun to do. Perhaps I will get better with practice.