Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What is it about NaNo...?

Once again, NaNoWriMo has sucked me in. This time, it's April's Camp NaNoWriMo, wherein you can set your own project and word count goals - well, technically November's NaNo doesn't have power over you, you could set your own everythings there, too, but when I participate in November I go by the original rules.

In this one, I'm not. I'm working - rather, re-working - the novel I failed to finish in November 2013. It has bugged me ever since because I really like the thing. So I'm giving it a second chance, I'm just not doing up the whole big NaNo rah-rah thing, enlisting a "team" of friends to prod and praise me along the way, etc etc. Just trying to do it ... um, well, I haven't been doing it for the past three nights so I should really get off this thing and Just Do It.

But what is it about NaNoWriMo that's so compelling? The years I skip I feel guilty and like I'm missing out on something at the same time. There's that almost-irresistible pull...OK. Off to WRITE!


Seth Swanson said...

Heya Terry, Seth here returning your message on my blog (finally). I'm always happy to talk to a fellow Omahan ... Omaha'an? Omahaian? Thanks for following along and I hope you like WordKeeperAlpha :) My email is if you'd like a non-commenty way to exchange messages. Or I suppose you know where to find me on Twitter. Either is welcome if you want to chat about writing or WKA... or nerdy stuff in general. Have a good one! Happy writing!


Robert said...

Well, I wish you success in your writing goals. As a retired teacher of English composition and literature, I know that writing can be a grind. Hang in there!

And, BTW, thank you visiting my new blog -- Crimes in the Library -- and I appreciate the reading suggestions you offered. You will notice that I have included your blog in my catalogue of regularly visited blogs. This, of course, counts only as my 1st visit, but (as General McArthur exclaimed), "I shall return!"

All the best from the Gulf coast!