Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In case anybody visits this blog

I thought I should enter a note. I haven't posted much for awhile because I've been kind of grappling with depression, which for me takes the relatively innocuous form of total inertia. Not emotional anguish, just a giant MEH, and being content to literally do nothing at all but sit in my chair all day before going to bed. It finally occurred to me that 1) this mood has lasted a LOT longer than usual (the usual is 2 - 3 weeks then suddenly I find myself up and at 'em again for a couple weeks, then back down in the burrow, lather, rinse, repeat) and 2) I haven't been able to logic myself out of it, and nothing behavior-therapy-wise that I've tried (and I *have* tried, a lot) was working, and 3) this is not healthy and 4) I need help. So I called my doctor and we're trying a prescription that seems to be helping since I've experienced a moderate amount of increased energy and interest in life.

And, I have been reading books, and I went to a movie with a friend, and there's been some small amount of house & yard stuff (really, really small amount), but I just can't get motivated to do a real post about any of it.

I'm fine, just need some more time getting my feet back under me.

Here's a picture of my cat as a reward for reading this far.


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