Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, I haven't kept this up very well...I did drive out to CA to spend a wonderful holiday week with my kids, and drove back without the slightest bit of any kind of problem. I had to rearrange my overnight motel city plans a couple times to avoid horrible winter weather but it all worked out fine in the end.

Almost got through the entire month of January - then on the 28th, I slipped and fell on black ice going to work, dislocated my right elbow (worst pain I've ever had - do NOT do this!!!) and I've been off work since. I start PT today and hope by the middle of March to be back to work and in fighting fettle, if not sooner but that's up to the orthopedic doctor. I intend to keep up my end of the project, that's for sure.

For someone who is constitutionally averse to housecleaning, this enforced sloth (two weeks of not using my right arm AT ALL for ANYTHING) has me champing at the bit for Spring Cleaning. Also, all those months of Not Knitting this winter, now I'm simply frothing to get back to it. Even bought two more skeins of sock yarn and two more books of patterns using sock yarn. And I haven't even finished my very first sock! (That was started, of course before the accident. Um...months and months and MONTHS before.)

I never imagined how hard EVERYTHING is without the use of my "good" (dominant) arm and hand. It takes five times longer and ten times as much energy to do ANYthing. And I'm a huge baby. I have been so fortunate all my life with good health and lack of injuries, that I have just had no end of tantrums (alone, in my house where no one can see my bad behavior) over how frakking difficult everything is. Yet I know full well how lucky I am (not just in the accident, which *could* have just as easily resulted in crushed and broken bones, nerve, connective tissue and blood vessel damage) - I'm among the luckiest million people on the planet, I reckon - good health, I'm able to support myself and own my home, wonderful TREASURES of family and friends and an understanding boss at work - there's no end to my list of good fortune. So now that the pain and disability is abating, I'm trying to keep that in the forefront of my thoughts now.

I love the sun but it does show up the dust, doesn't it? *sigh* Patience, Terry, patience...

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