Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just what the title says. I was VERY fortunate with my arm; I've got full function back and no pain (just a little stiff when I straighten it hard, which isn't a function anyway). Went back to work March 9. And, finished my first pair of socks last week. I've got started on the second pair but O'Keefe bit through the yarn last night so I have to learn a new skill - the Russian join - to get the yarn back together so I can proceed. That will be tonight's knitting goal.

I had a landscaping expert over yesterday to look at my yard the way it was intended to be (our original drawings and plans from his company, who did the landscaping work in 2007), and how it is now (after two years of neglect by me). This makes me sound wealthy or something, but really I've been saving money those two years, also, and at this point in time I think it's important to get the front yard looking nice again. All my neighbors keep theirs looking nice and I'm ashamed I've let it go this long. There are reasons for it but it's all inside my head and other incentives are shifting into gear now so I'm going to try to do right by my wonderful neighbors AND my terrific house. I'll feel better once it's back in shape.

The first order of business is just spring clean-up. Later we'll replant the areas where the plants failed. After that, I hope to hire them to come back once a month during the growing season to keep things looking tip-top.

This IS stuff I COULD do myself, except that's been part of the problem, I keep telling myself that and then never get around to it. I have to face my shortcomings realistically - I'm never going to become That Gardening Neighbor I had envisioned. I always enjoy mowing, too, but this year, after hurting my elbow, I don't think the vibrations and exertion would be particularly good for the arm.

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