Sunday, February 17, 2013

My mom used to call me "a little merchant"

but I think it was because she thought the words sounded cute, because I've never been much of a business-head. It wasn't like I was out peddling lemonade on the curb at age four, or nagging to get a paper route. No, as you know me now is pretty much as I have been: not that avid for money. I admire kids who get started knowing the entrepreneurial spirit early.

But occasionally I have a flurry of an inkling of liking the ol' buy & sell from the seller's end. Like this weekend, I've been posting some of my Excess Stuff on Craigslist. And I keep unearthing Stuff I didn't even know I had - like, there's been this big cardboard box in the basement that used to hold a lot of my late husband's darkroom equipment. A couple years after he died, I spent some months unloading most of it online, and I thought all this time I knew what was still in the box: a couple of used, dusty, plastic darkroom trays. I thought of them today because I was thinking I probably have the items I need to build my own seed-starter system with a light and everything. I thought one of the trays would be useful as seed trays. Imagine my surprise when I got into that box and found TWENTY darkroom trays, from 6"x 10" on up to , I don't know - 20" x 36"? or so?

So I got out one of the big ones and a medium-sized one to use for my seeds, and put the rest on Craigslist. We'll see how other people view their usefulness at $1.00 per tray...

I also discovered 6 sheets of MDF in the garage. Now - it's not like I've never been in the garage before - so why didn't I remember ever seeing those? Onto Craigslist they went. NO idea why Bob bought them, but he must have.

It's like my house is a mini-shopping mall or something...

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