Thursday, August 01, 2013

Poor, poor, pitiful wee


This is a cat who has:

1.  a clean litter box

2.  had her morning 5-minute brushing complete with murmured admirations

3.  a full food dish

4.  a full, fresh, water dispenser

5.  several episodes of pettins.

Yet she has the audacity to sit there and try to guilt me into...what? More pettins? 

Yes. If I would do it, she would have me pet her 24/7 until I had petted her into non-existence. She's a Pettins Addict. I keep telling her she needs to find a 12-step program (for cats, would that be a 3-step or a 48-step program instead?) and get into recovery.  Her response?

You're looking at it.

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