Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1st grocery tote done!

Whee-oooh and the excitement just never dies down here. Whoa. 

Yesterday I finally finished the first grocery tote:

I had enough of these fabrics to make four, plus some scraps left over I can work into the next four (I want 8 altogether so I can shop for two weeks at a time).  I'll have to dig out All the Fabrics and cogitate a bit to come up with harmonizing colors. Yes, they're grocery bags. But why not have pretty ones if I can? And I can.

I'll be the talk of the grocery store circuit, I have no doubt! *Shoulders bucket purse, adjusts pillbox hat, grabs afternoon gloves and glides to the door*

 Image courtesy of J.C. Penney Co.

Tomorrow is mega-errand-running day. I try to limit my driving around to one day a week. It means that sometimes the refrigerator gets mighty echo-y and I end up dining on odd combinations, but it makes my skinflint soul smile. And saves gas, and the environment, too.

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