Monday, October 07, 2013

Achievement locked!

(I think the cool kids say that.)

Remember the Yard Tools Project? I finished it today.


And now:

That's the design I came up with after several tries - the cheapest (about $3 for the hooks & eyebolts) and simplest. By far. LOL I don't know WHAT my brain is doing sometimes. Anyway, it's ugly, but it's mine.

If anyone reading this has any kind of traditionally male skills, and a daughter or daughters - or traditionally female skills, and a son or sons - TEACH THEM WHAT YOU KNOW! DON'T WAIT DO IT NOW!

My dad was a carpenter. He built houses - from scratch. He was also a car engine mechanic. If I had been a boy, I would have HAD to learn all he know, he would have made sure of it. But I was a girl, so Somebody Else would take care of all these things for me, so he wasn't interested in teaching me anything.

They did/do, all right. They're so helpful, they'll fix things that aren't broken. They'll add all the bells & whistles to make sure the bill is as high as possible. Or else I do things myself, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. (When it doesn't, the bills get even higher.) But now I'm 63, and I intend to do things for myself when I can - like this stupid little garage project. It's ugly, but it works. And it didn't cost me anything (not even a skinned knuckle - this time!) So I don't care if a "real" wood shop guy would laugh at this - screw him. I just hope he's teaching HIS daughter what he knows.

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