Sunday, January 26, 2014

Self-imposed recupe stretch

Mostly arbitrarily, but also due to some comments by the doctors and my own instinct, I set Feb. 1st as the day I'll return to full activity (which isn't all that much, so don't be impressed). I've been gradually picking up the amount of little chores I'm doing around the house, and it *does* so help with better sleeping!

The house is littered with To Do lists and Plans. When I have too much idle time, I get into trouble like that. Most of them will get tossed. And I just deleted all those recurring chores reminders from my calendar on my PDA (yes, I still use a Palm Tungsten T3), to simplify the look of my monthly calendar (see? too much idle time!) I *think* the urge to create a big, elaborate garden has passed. I need to decide if two tomato plants is pushing my luck, in much the same way I have to evaluate every thought of a glass of wine as to its threat to my sobriety (28 years now, thank you).

I had already decided before Christmas that what I need most nowadays is to get off my butt and keep working/playing at things as much as possible every day. So Feb. 1st, that's the drill. I have SO many things I want to do and there's no reason I can't do them all. (I'm hoping this also translates into more, and more interesting, blog posts. Even if I am the only one who reads them.)

And so this isn't totally boring, here's a picture of a cat.

Adams. Isn't it difficult not to attribute to cats a sense of humor, sometimes?

ETA (8:15 pm) I sat at the sewing machine for like, 6 hours today. My back hurts now. But I've made great progress on certain Sekrit Projecks! They're gifts so I can't show them off until the recipients actually, you know, receive them, and then OK my showing them off. 

It is necessary for me to go to a fabric/crafts store tomorrow. Fear is flowing through my bank accounts in waves...

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