Saturday, March 07, 2015

Little things

Nothing big, here. O'Keefe and I are kind-of getting used to the administration of one tiny pill down her throat, two times a day. She doesn't like it, and neither do I, but perhaps we'll get to where it isn't so hard on both of us.

I got apps in for Medicare parts C & D yesterday, which was a HUGE relief. Just dental and vision coverage left to find.  So I felt like a grownup the rest of the day!

It's in the high 50s and sunny today! My mood can use the light. And the slightly longer days...oh, wait. Krep. We go back to CST - or do we leave it for DST? I can never remember - this very night. Well, when one's retired (have I mentioned that I'm retired?) the whole "losing an hour's sleep" isn't really an issue any more. I just need to remember to adjust all the clocks. I am so ready for Spring.

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