Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Some new kind of equilibrium, I think

Good news/bad news re: O'Keefe's blood work. Good news: no diabetes, her kidneys look good. Bad news: there may be something bad going on with her liver, but what the vet wants addressed first is hyperthyroidism. So, two tiny pink pills a day, morning and night. Two weeks of that then more blood work to see if it's helping. If so, she'll stay on that dose for life, or until it stops helping. I read the possible side effects of this stuff and they're pretty horrendous so I'm going to be keeping a close watch on that!

In more good news, O'Keefe seems to be feeling better, is up and walking around, going up and down stairs, though she is weak and may rest in the middle. She's eating Fancy Feast and drinking water. The vet says a Tbsp. of vanilla ice cream a couple times a day won't hurt and might help her put on some weight. She's not sleeping all the time like she was doing - this is a cat who *doesn't* lie around 16 hours a day sleeping, normally. Sometimes I've wished she *would* because instead she likes to bug the hell out of me with constant demands for pettins and attention.

Anyway, the intense worry stage is on hiatus for a couple of weeks. I don't think she's going to miraculously become her younger more vigorous self, but maybe I can make the decline easier and slower than what I saw over the weekend.

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