Monday, September 21, 2015

Poking the anthill

So, I've decided I'm going to try to do daily posts, each with a theme. So, Mondays would be book reviews, Tuesdays knitting updates, Wednesdays writing updates, Thursdays will be miscellaneous posts, and Fridays the "Terry's Projects" report. I'll leave weekends open to recharge the batteries. I'll post them at 7 pm CST (USA). I need more scheduling in my life. Otherwise I'll just keep floundering.

Have I mentioned I've signed on for NaNoWriMo again this year? They don't have the 2015 blog page "stickers" yet so I can't put that up; likewise the word counters. But I've already got TWO posters and some ideas...Why is this event SO addictive? It's like a siren call. However, I've decided I'm done with trying to get published (I've had some 33+ short stories published back in the 00's when I was still writing a lot), I'm just going to write for my own enjoyment. That takes all the pressure off.

So - tomorrow I start the YMCA's LiveStrong program - a free, 12-week program of physical recuperation for cancer survivors. I'm hoping it'll jumpstart my getting back into shape - the short-term goal is to not be driven into the ground trying to keep up with my granddaughter when I'm visiting them in November; the medium-term goal is to be in good enough shape by next Spring that I can hit the ground running with the yard work; the long-term goal is to establish physical exercise habits into my life permanently.

I've been living la vida earthworm the past several months, and I need to get back ahold of life!

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