Monday, September 07, 2015

Back to Square One

To make the long story short: I'm getting my money back on that lemon of a car. Tomorrow. The car has already been TOWED back to the dealer, because their mechanic couldn't keep it running long enough to back it out of my driveway. To their credit, they've given me a loaner until tomorrow's meeting.

Which is great, but still leaves me back at the beginning of the whole delightful process of car-finding. Well, I've learned a few things from this ordeal. Number One: There ain't no such thing as the perfect car just happening to come into the dealer the day you're there looking. Nope.

Ah well, in better news, I'm working away at the second yellow sock; when that's done I shall start designing the installation system for the downstairs window "treatments." This is a totally self-made mess. There probably won't be pictures.

But in even better news, this also means I'm working on that long list of unfinished projects that have been burdening my soul for so very, very long. I'm great at Startitis, not so good at Finishitis.

And today's Labor Day. This unforgettable summer has just whizzed past. I'm about to begin a twelve-week program at the YMCA for cancer survivors. I have lost what little fitness I had, in this required summer of inactivity, so I hope to gradually build back up beyond my pre-cancer level of slugness, and when Spring comes, be able to do all that I'd hoped to do this summer in my yard.

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