Sunday, November 15, 2015

Feels like the past week has been a mess.

The worst, of course, being the atrocities in Paris. Infuriating, heart-breaking, inconceivable.

I brought a cold home from CA; yesterday was the "why can't I just die?" phase; today it's the coughing-out-your-lungs phase which is still better than the former.

Despite the grief and the physical discomfort I did work on the Sphinx Hat last night.  I finished the brim and started the pattern part. I got the first set of three rows done. I haven't taken a picture yet because the pattern isn't really readily visible yet. Alternating the colors wasn't as hard as I'd first thought. I've been cutting the ends at the end of a color useage; not sure you're supposed to do that but I can't imagine you want to carry all those ends! It'll still take a lot of weaving- in ... or perhaps I'll give each end an inch or two of play and tie it in a knot to the next one. Try to keep it both secure and neat.

Not doing much of anything today, in fact there may be a nap in my very near future.

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