Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Knitting Knews

and on its proper evening, too!

I've been slogging slowly along with the sock and the hat. I can do 10 rows on the sock, and 3 on the hat, before my hands can't take any more. But that's progress!

When I completed that top light brown/light gray triad, from there to the brim was one repeat of the colorwork pattern; it needs two more repeats before I finish the top in the light brown yarn. I don't know why my knitting on this one is so tight; I'm hoping I can get it to stretch a bit with blocking.

I got the heel turned last night. I'll try to get it circled up again so I can start on the foot, tonight.

And in other knitting news, I bought six more skeins of sock yarn yesterday.  My goal is eventually replacing all my store-bought socks with me-made socks (except for a very few pairs that I really like). My hand-knit inventory so far: one pair (my first attempt) that would fit a Percheron horse; one pair that's maybe two sizes too large - good bed-socks - and four that actually fit. This pair will be #5.

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