Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My google calendar reminder says I should upload a knitting post.

However, since I haven't been knitting since ... checking Franklin Planner ... December 3rd, there isn't much to say. I spent a jolly evening last week, rolling my new yarns into cakes (my winder makes cakes, not balls) and putting them in Ziplock bags, and then put the TinkerToy swift away, and the yarn roller, and bundled them all back into the china closet.

I did move the current sock from dpns onto a circular then promptly realized I didn't know what to do from there - and then remembered I wasn't supposed to be knitting, anyway. (It's a self-imposed 6-week knitting hiatus trying to heal a painful and crippling trigger-finger.) I guess I was thinking maybe a circular needle wouldn't be hard on the trigger-finger like dpns are. However, I should really stick to my 6-week plan to see if it works I *think* the finger is a little better, but I'm not sure.

I did violate my NO MORE YARN pledge because someone was selling GORGEOUS yarn and giving 100% of the money to Medicins Sans Frontières, so obviously I HAD to do it, right? Wait until you see it. It IS gorgeous.

So that's about yarn.

In other topics - I have utterly failed to do any exercising since the YMCA LiveStrong class ended Dec. 10th. I did get some barbells and a rubber tube thing to do exercises with. However, I really do intend to change my evil ways and develop much better health habits in 2016, so here it is Dec. 29th and in three days - oh heck, I'll give me Jan. 1, too - some changes in my daily routine are going to start being implemented. I don't expect perfection but I by god expect more effort. Right now I'm fighting Yet Another Infection which has caused a painful swelling in a lymph node in my jaw area, which hurts quite a bit and doesn't allow me to sleep comfortably for very long at a time - but I got antibiotics yesterday and I'm following doctor's orders (which include going in to see him if it doesn't let up in a day or two) so I expect it to GO THE FUCK AWAY very soon. THEN I can get back to exercising.

So that's the news from here. Not very interesting.

Here's a picture of my cat. Adams thinks he's invisible here.

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