Friday, March 17, 2017

I've just got one question:


I don't understand why all the hate for clothes and accessories whose colors or patterns match or at least harmonize. 

Yep, you're right, I'm not into fashion. For decades I've figured if I can get an outfit together where my socks match or at least coordinate somehow with my shirt/sweater/pants/skirt, I'm home free! Some snotty chemistry tech (a male!) made a snide comment about how my socks always match my shirt - that was um. well. like. 1987? or so? So it's a venerable tradition of mine.

I think people should STFU about "matchy-matchy." It's just another way to be a snob and put other people down.

That's my fashion manifesto. I don't have a picture or anything to go with it. 

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