Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's been a long drought.

I haven't been doing much worth posting, and I'm still fighting the depression (and winning, but slowly), though the situation in American politics today has not helped that process. In fact I expend probably more energy than I realize fuming and worrying about that.

I just came across a terrific pick-me-up. Last year, Warren Buffett wrote a letter to Bill and Melinda Gates, urging them to publish a kind of update to their philanthropic activities. Read Mr. Buffett's letter, then read and view their response. Then come back here because I have a question.

Buffett's letter.

The Gates's response.

That's really something isn't it? Wow. Everybody should read/view it. Heartening!

Look at all they are doing, all the good and how it ramifies, multiplies, spreads geographically and through generations, benefit upon benefit, lifting entire societies out of poverty, disease, and ignorance. Providing the world with generations of healthy, educated young people who will continue lifting their families, communities, and countries even higher.

Now look at what Trump and the Republicans are doing. They've been rabid dogs, tearing down every good and humane thing that we have worked so hard and long to build. Health care, education, infrastructure, science, equality, international aid, diplomatic relationships - everything.

My question is, why haven't these assholes been charged with crimes against humanity? The impacts of their greed, viciousness, bigotry, sexism, racism, and hatred will also ramify through generations and geography across the world. People have already died, literally because of their actions and policies, and they have barely started. If that isn't crimes against humanity, what is?

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