Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do not go see the film "Nebraska"

directed by Alexander Payne, if

1)  You "just can't watch" black and white movies (I am paralyzed with incredulity that I even have to say that, but apparently there are people like that) - because you don't deserve to see this movie.

2) You must have car chases, sex, gore, loud music, or Mafia thugs to keep your interest.*

3) You can't believe that old people, fat people, not-beautiful people, can love and be loved, have sorrows in their pasts, have dreams, disappointments, failures, fears and hopes.

4) You are shocked into insensibility that actual people use "naughty" language.  There's not much in it but it's there.

This film moved me like no other I can remember. It's like a jewel, carved by a man who loves these people, and who loves the world they live in and knows it's fading away, and wants to record it so all posterity will know what it was like. I've been in that world. I spent my professional life driving those roads, visiting those farmers and farm houses, eating in those cafes and bars, listening to those conversations - dear lord sitting on Thanksgiving Day in those somnolent living rooms with those half-asleep old men having single-syllable conversations over the roar of the football game.

I feel like sending Alexander Payne a thank-you note. He's reminded me what film can be.

*Actually, there are some realistic fisticuffs, and one hilarious heist scene. So there's that.

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