Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Letting go, little by little

I've had an industrial metal and particle board shelving unit in the garage full of stuff I'd either tried to sell online, and failed, or just pushed into boxes and sacks to wait until I felt like doing a yard sale - for at least two years now. Not long ago I finally admitted to myself that I will never, EVER "feel like doing a yard sale," and decided it's time to take that stuff to Goodwill. I told myself, I haven't had to look in those boxes for two years for anything, so there's nothing there I need, so I should just toss it all in the car and deliver it all to Goodwill without even looking at what's inside. That's sensible.

Ha, ha, you think you know where this is going, don't you.

Well, I did crap out on the resolve. I did look inside the bags and boxes to see what I'd put out there. I'll give you your point for that. And I did retrieve something from them. But don't get too excited. You want to know what it was?

A box of staples. As in, office stapler staples.

Everything else went. All of it. As soon as the shelves were empty, I moved all the hand yard tools over onto them, instead of on top of an ancient metal trunk that is full of ancient rusting woodworking tools. And several electric sanders whose guts have probably rusted into solid masses by now. So I can dig into that chest and figure out what to do with all the stuff in *there*.

I am very, very slow, but I do make progress. Eventually.

My reward is that I made apple crisp.  :^)

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