Thursday, February 18, 2016

News worth reporting

Just one item, but it's pretty special: my 6-month post-op checkup with my oncologist yesterday: She gave me an "A"!* All is well, after 6 months.

*She literally gave me an "A." I wore the adorable tiny leather-bound Lab Notes necklace (for good luck, because my kids gave it to me) and she signed the first page with the date, "A," and her name.

A wonderful use for this precious little gift. I've already made a note to wear it to the next 6-month check-up.

I had not realized (as usual) how anxious I had become over this check-up - largely because I just ignored it until the night before, thus ensuring I'd have a really lousy night's sleep, until I got home afterwards and just collapsed. I barely managed to stay "up" - if you don't count a 10-minute half-snooze in my chair - until my usual bed-time, and though I got a solid 7 hours in last night I can tell I'm going to need a nap today. Funny how I seem to have this wall I hide my anxiety behind so I can carry on as though normal on the other side of it - until the source of the anxiety has been resolved, when it runs around the end of the wall and comes to beat me to a pulp.

The human mind, what a thing, eh?

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