Saturday, February 27, 2016

Training Day One

I actually walked! 1.8+ miles, to the nearest Little Free Library to deposit some books, then the long way home to increase the mileage. I way over-dressed as the temps hit the mid-70s today, instead of the mind-50s predicted by weatherspark (the online one I use most). My straw gardening hat and tan trenchcoat (the only thing of the right weight for what I *thought* would be out there, lots of sun, lots of wind, and chilly air, but too warm for the big puffy winter coat) - turned out I didn't need the coat at all. Ah well, I'll figure it out.

I have a lovely adjacent neighborhood to walk in:

See the little house-shape in the middle of the picture? 
That's the Little Free Library. Cute, innit?

Niiice houses in this neck of the woods.

The old, distinctive light fixtures that identify this 
neighborhood to any old Omahans, like me...

So that was a nice start to the effort. The new shoes were quite comfy, too. 

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