Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Something of a knitting update, I guess

So, now it's February and I'm still not done with the first sock of my January pair. However, full of optimism, I've declared my February Self-Imposed Sock Club Sock is this:

It's just a vanilla sock, but I'm putting a herringbone lace 
pattern on the leg - my first attempt at lace!
The yarn is Koigu Painters Pallette Premium, color P138:

I got that picture from the yarn provider's web site, I can't remember which one it was. This picture makes the colors look more contrast-y than the yarn actually is, and for a change, my own photo is closer to what I see:

Anyway, I haven't actually done any knitting so far this week because my hands have been a bit sore from scooping snow. And the trigger-finger. However, I'm going to move this bit of sock over to a circular needle, too, since I'm determined to learn how to make socks on circular needles (magic loop method). Ultimately my goal is to master the Toe-up Two-at-a-Time Magic Loop method. When I have done that I'm going to go around wearing a golden crown with crossed dpns and a ball of yarn on top, I'll be so chuffed!

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