Saturday, December 21, 2002

If you've been to my web site, you know that my taste in music doesn't exactly run confluently with most others in my generation (Boomers). To be blunt, it runs *opposite* in many ways. I like nine inch nails (a lot; I've been to two concerts, yay!) and I like Omaha's local boy-made-good Conor Oberst and his bands, which find their audience mostly in the late-teens to mid-twenties age group.

I guess I'm just immature.

I prefer, however, to think I'm forward-looking. Isn't that what rock'n'roll was supposed to be about in the first place? Build on the past but keep moving forward? Am I the *only* Boomer who thought that? Judging by the popularity of Geezer Rock concerts among my age-peers, and the high listenership of "Golden Oldies" stations, I just about have to believe I am the only one. Or maybe it's lack of disposable income: I have to be very choosy about what I spend my money on, so I only buy the best thing going (nin, and Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos).

Beatles? Earth-shattering group: I was there, I was fan, I bought every album and listened to them all the time. If they'd have come to Omaha I would've been there. But... it's 2002, almost 2003, folks. A LOT of great bands are out there today, new, fresh, talented, eager, smart--why would I want to glue my ear to the station that only plays the Eagles, Peter, Paul & Mary, Joe Cocker etc etc? I've HEARD, them, they're great; now what is NEW that's great?

The Internet's a giant boon to someone like me, who can't afford to buy a lot of music. I can tune to and listen to all kinds of indie music--there are several other internet radio stations that play indie rock (and other genres--I don't care about those, though) where I can get my thirst for new music satisfied. (OK, Radar: slaked. If you get that one, you're a Boomer too.)

I just think it's odd that my generation, who made the most stink about fighting the forces of conformity, now make snide remarks about my musical taste, and think anyone my age who goes to live indie shows is either 1) trying desperately to be young again, 2) is trolling for some young thing, or 3) has some sort of disorder that pills, or maybe shock therapy, would address.

God knows what the young folks at the shows think. I try to be wallpaper; I'm there for the music. I don't bother anybody (I don't think; unless my mere presence ruins their evening, and what's wrong with *them* in that case?) and nobody has bothered me. Some kids have even been friendly and visited with me a little. That's gravy.

It's the music. There are some brilliant musicians working today, and I feel *just* the teeniest bit smug that *I'm* hearing & seeing them live, while my Boomer peers are aenesthetizing their brains with yet another Eagles comeback concert album. But that's the least of my reasons. I've found that music really *does* keep me alive, and the musicians I like best are the ones who ask the hardest questions, and use the most creative and unexpected music to do it.

Thanks, y'all. Keep making that great stuff!

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