Thursday, December 26, 2002

Made it through Christmas. Whew. Not bad; ate too much.

I've discovered that I must be pretty content. Given an opportunity to turn loose on the Internet and buy myself some stuff, I had a hard time finding anything I really really really WANT. I picked out a couple of audio cassettes about writing.

Well, to be truthful, it wasn't like a carte blanche Internet spree; if it *had* been I would've completely re-furnished my home office! And then completely replaced every single thing in my wardrobe--except for a couple of very special tee shirts. More than that? Oh...subscriptions to a *bunch* of magazines and e-zines.

That's about it. I'm boring. No--wait wait: the entire Saddle Creek Records catalogue, I'd get that, too.

Hrmmm...maybe this saintly lack of avarice is more a function of time...give me enough time and I'll out-do anybody in the greedy gimme list-making contest!

So maybe I'll go do something else now. For the good of my soul.

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