Monday, December 16, 2002

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"The redwood lumberjack is the endangered species here."

"The Western farmer is the endangered species here."

"The Maine cod fisherman is the endangered species here."

"You're spending 6 figures to save a beetle??? How about our own poor people? What about medical research? It's human beings who are the endangered species!"



The only thing endangering the human species is our own stupidity. We're too stupid to keep our water and air clean enough to sustain us, to keep our soils in place so they can grow food, to quit pouring billions of tons of synthetic chemicals into all three to poison the only life support system we have. We're too stupid to control our own population growth so that we don't turn millions of acres of fertile land into desert. We're too stupid to control the psychotic murderers who blast their way to power and then, having decimated and terrorized their own people into submission, turn their attention to terrorizing their neighbors.

We're too stupid to understand that not only do we have no right to turn every particle of matter on Earth into either concrete or human flesh, but we also will never achieve that goal we're working so frenziedly to attain. At some time before then we'll pass the line of no return, we'll have reduced the number of other species below the point where the living system that is Earth can continue to live. Or, maybe we'll just reduce it to where it can't support us. Once we're gone, the rest of the living world will go on, adapting, dying, changing, growing, living, thriving, evolving, without us. It certainly doesn't need us.

Yoo Hoo.

Earth doesn't need us.

We need Earth.

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