Tuesday, December 31, 2002

So now I've outfitted myself with Natalie Goldberg's 6-cassette tape of "Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer's Craft," to keep me company on those days when I make the one-hour-each-way commute by myself. To uplift and inspire me to write, write, write. I'm also taking her "Writing Down the Bones" to work with me, and in that hour before I need to start work (I get there an hour early), I'll read a chapter then do some timed writing, as she advises. And then, all warmed up and inspired, I'll plunge into the finishing of this 30-year novel.

I say 30 years because the story first started running circles around in my head in 1970. I've got about 2/3 of it written now, so I have hope that it'll actually get finished. Particularly as I've set a goal to have it done, first draft anyway, by March 25th.

It's kind of a scary prospect: what will I *do* when it's finished? It's been my companion almost all my adult life! Well, I'll find out. I hope. Certainly if Natalie has anything to say about it! I return to her because I so long ago lost the "beginner's mind," that fresh excitement I worked in when I first discovered that I could actually get the stories in my head written down on paper! And that others liked to read them! So even though I do NOT do "resolutions," I am taking the calendar opportunity here to try for a fresh start.

That, and losing 30 pounds.

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