Saturday, August 08, 2015

Much ado about not much

I wouldn't have believed it would take me three days to create a little facial tissue cube for the bathroom, especially since I was cannibalizing an empty one to do it. However, since I didn't take the time to plan it out beforehand, I ended up having to re-do parts...and the sheer number of tools I ended up with on the table was laughable. However, I *did* get it done. It's not perfect, but it'll do:

And here it is in situ:

That's the only time the candle's lit, by the way.

So for the supplies and equipment list:

an empty tissue cube
Elmer's glue
buttons (I had three of the blue, white & red ones and I just love them - they're *really* vintage - 50 years or more old, I'm sure. From my mom's stash all those years ago.)
hot glue gun & glue sticks
1" square of hook & loop fastening, self-adhesive (which didn't adhese; thus the glue gun)
one 4" x 4" ceramic tile (to glue inside on the bottom to give it some weight)
newspaper ads to protect table

strips of #6 recyclable plastic, in various finger bandage sizes
bunches of clothespins

But it's all put away now and that little project's done. Whee!

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