Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Plusses all over da place ... and one niggling complaint

Had my first real post-surgery checkup with my surgeon today. I'm doing as well as I think I am - which is terrific. Still can't mow the yard or drag the vacuum cleaner around until the middle of October, though. *grumble* That's not the complaint.

We've been enjoying absolutely heavenly weather here in Omaha for more than a week. Delicious temps in the 70s during the day, high 50s at night - sun, breezes, it feels like fall, really it does. Glorious. I would love to spend more time in the yard but when I'm out there I want to start pulling weeds & stuff, verboten by my doctor. See 1st paragraph.  That's not the complaint, either.

My "new" used car is back at the dealer's, getting the persistent "check engine" light checked out. I dropped it off Monday - they gave me a newer loaner, with lots of modern conveniences that I find worrisome and distracting, but I figured them out so it is OK. I wish they'd fix my car and get it back to me, though - AND I wish they'd get the car I bought under my name in the county titles records so I can get its new license plates.  But THAT'S not my complaint.

None of those things are really concerning me at all. No, what's annoying me right now is water way, way under the bridge. I have several of the BBC's Lord Peter Wimsey DVDs. The newer ones, with Petheridge as Wimsey, are lovely and delightful - but why, why, why, is the BBC so stupid about setting up these DVDs? Even if you hit "Play All" at the beginning of a DVD, it still makes you sit through all the credits at the end of each episode, and then the opening credits of the next one. There is no way to fast-forward to just get to the damned episode. IS there anyone who actually wants to read all that stuff? I'm going out on a limb here and saying NO, there ISN'T. So what good does it do? Not to let us FF? All it's doing is aggravating the hell out of me, who is generally an enthusiastic BBC supporter. THAT is the complaint.

And going by that, I'd say I'm pretty damned lucky. So here endeth the complaint.

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