Friday, August 21, 2015

Things progress

I found, and bought, a used car last week. It is SO nice not to have to impose on my friends for rides to the doctor's office, grocery store, etc.! It's a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, a bit bigger and more powerful car than my beloved Elantra. I like it!

I'm still chafing under, but obeying, my surgeon's directions not to lift anything over 8 lbs, and do NO yardwork. I am so lucky to have two wonderful neighbors willing to mow my yard! I couldn't afford to pay anybody to do it, but these two golden guys are in line for some yummy baked goods and nice gift cards to our neighborhood brewery/restaurant pretty soon!

And that's about it. Not being able to vacuum around the house (also expressly forbidden by my doctor) is driving me crazy and I expect once the 90-day restriction is lifted I'll be cleaning house for several days straight - because I tire so easily I can't expect to do it all in one, or even two, days. Not that non-lifting or non-strenuous cleaning has been neglected. Having, as I do, an image of myself as the laziest slug on earth, I'm rather surprised to learn that I do like having (for me) a pretty clean house! Like a cat who, after attempting to jump up on a sofa but failing, vigorously cleans its paws as a sort of deflecting mechanism, I find myself going after the kitchen and bathroom more often due to frustration with the floors.

My ambition is increasing faster than my recovery. Lord, give me patience RIGHT NOW PLEASE!

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