Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Actual knitting news...not really huge.

So, I did work on the "October" sock last night, enough to get to the end of the first set of pattern rows. (12) But my left hand was hurting the whole time. That's the one with the painful "trigger finger" and the one I think I strained using dumbbells at the YMCA last Thursday.

So I knitted some more - OF COURSE. But I put away the October sock and started the cuff on a plain-vanilla pair in Lorna's Sock in the colorway "mineshaft":

I wasn't sure I'd like working with such dark colors - but once I got a few rows done, it's really a handsome colorway and I think they're going to be gorgeous socks. This I did so I can knit on the way to and from California coming up. And while there. It will also be my November sock for the Ravelry Self-Imposed Sock Club. I'll leave the October sock waiting for a few days, try to get my hand back to normal, or what passes for normal.

So, at least I have a little knitting to report.

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