Monday, October 05, 2015

Kinda-sorta book review-ish, maybe? And other stuff.

Went car-hunting again today; may have found a good one. Won't know for a day or two - there are some issues the dealer has to satisfy me on before I'm signing anything. But this ate up most of the day. A nice afternoon nap ate up some more; now I'm messing around with NaNoWriMo stuff, putting that nifty little badge on the column to the right - I love the art work this year! AND it's by an Omaha artist! Very nice.

I'm starting to feel autumn-y these days, what with the colder weather and the changing of the light. Thought I'd change the blog look too.

I've been doing a lot of nostalgia, comfort-reading. I have a collection of old Weekly Reader Book Club books, and others I read as a kid. I really enjoy those and it's partly because the world has changed so much since the late 50s -- early 60s. I'm on Danny Dunn and the Voice from Space right now. Hilarious! I also have Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine, and Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint. Just the titles make me laugh. I love the pen & ink illustrations, too. If my grand-daughter ever wants to get a taste of what kids' lives were like before the internet, these would be great fun, I think. Although not all of us had quite as exciting adventures as Danny and his friends Joe and Irene (who was just as smart as Danny and a lot more science-oriented than Joe!).

Huh. I didn't realize there are TEN of these...

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