Thursday, October 29, 2015

More about knitting

So, I started that "mineshaft" pair of plain vanilla socks to have along with me on my visit to CA. Then I got to thinking it'd be nice to have something different to switch to while I'm there. I've been working on figuring out this cool hat pattern called the "Sphinx Hat"*, from a magazine. My friend Sharon had given me two lovely balls of soft brown Plymouth Encore, worsted yarn, and I have these beautiful cashmere mittens I bought when I visited my friend in New Hampshire, that have one color very similar in them. Plus black, white, gray and a darker brown. So I bought skeins of those four additional colors in the same yarn, and I'm going to make a hat out of this pattern, and probably a scarf out of the yarn in a different kind of pattern. But the hat first.

Being such a tyro at this knitting thing, I decided I needed to draw my own color pattern in my colors rather than trying to work off the magazine page.

So I'm knitting a swatch so I know for sure how many stitches to cast on. 

I really need project bags for these but time is getting short...maybe Sunday after the tabletop games? I've got that cute fabric I got from the estate sale last weekend...

*"Sphinx Hat" designed by Sarah Hurwitz and published in Knitscene, Accessories 2014.

[Edited to add:]

I thought I'd already posted this on my blog but I can't find it with a quick Search, so here's a picture of all the yarns together, with the pattern photo and the mittens:

Obssessive Completist? Moi?

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