Saturday, October 03, 2015

Missed it again!

Once again, I just blew through Friday without even thinking about writing a post. Well - I haven't been doing any writing. There's this week's update.

What I *have* been doing is running the vacuum cleaner! Yes! I was taken off my No Lifting restriction Oct. 1 so I can vacuum, mow grass, and pull weeds now! And take actual big garbage bags out to the bins on my own! Using the little grocery flimsies and making umpteen trips out to the bins was really a pain in the neck. But I'm free! The only thing I may need help with is *starting* the mower - that string-jerk is might twisty on the trunk and wrenching to the muscles, and probably not wise to do without a few more weeks of P.E. (That's what we Boomers called gym class: Physical Education. A former professor (not gym) used to call it "Physical Culture" in a plummy faux-British accent; that was my favorite.

Anyway, that's it. Too busy today to write more.

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