Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Writing, hmm, yeah, um, writing...

Well, deciding to write something on a different theme each evening has gotten me writing in this blog, all right, but I don't seem to be conducting my life in such an organized fashion. Is anyone surprised at that? Anyone? *tap tap tap* Anyone there? No? OK, good, so it matters not a whit.

What I have done today is I did manage to tink back my second yellow sock to where I *should* have started decreasing stitches for the toe. What a pain THAT is! I definitely need to remember about "lifelines" from now on! But I'm sick of looking at stitches now, so it's going to have to wait to get completed until tomorrow night. Or even Friday.

When I was assembling the stuff I needed to do all that tinking, I turned my back to fill up my water glass before beginning. This is what I found when I came back to the dining room:

O'Keefe, who was generously willing to lend her expertise to the proceedings. I told her, it was my mistake, it's my responsibility to fix it, thank you very much.

See that tablecloth? With the figures on it? That's an adorable 1950s or 60s - maybe even 40s - print tablecloth I got in the TipTop Thrift Shop in Benson for about 50 cents. I love that old table linen stuff. This one has all kinds of transportation on it: hot air balloons, steam engines, biplanes Model Ts, big steam-powered cruise liners, bicycles,  ... I love it.

Friday, perhaps, I will have that new car. The dealer is replacing the cam shaft sensor. We all hope in harmony that *that* was what was causing the Check Engine light to stay on. I am certainly getting sick of Check Engine lights. But the experience with this dealer is 180° different than with that other one. There, the overlying atmosphere was furtive, evasive, and incompetent. With the dealer I'm waiting on this time, the whole feeling of the place itself is different. And the price they're asking is right in line with what Blue Book says. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is more torture at the YMCA. Ye gods, this had BETTER be good for me...

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