Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fell behind last week. Took several days off from the novel. I continued to think about it, and make notes, etc. And this weekend I'm on a big push to hit 40,000 by tomorrow night. I'm centering my whole weekend around it - three two-hour sessions wherein I get 3,000 words each session, both today and tomorrow, will do it. So far so good! I made 3,000 this time with 47 seconds to spare! (EggTimer is a very handy little timer program!)

And as is usual when writing, I'm discovering that when I actually hunker down and concentrate and go for long blocks of text, things start popping up in the story that are useful and helpful and all kinds of interesting. Where does this stuff come from? Is there really a troll in my basement who's feeding me stuff up through the floorboards if I just trust him enough to put them on paper for him? And what does he get out of it?

Enough - obviously I need to get away from the keyboard for a bit!

Session One of Six - completed!

ETA: much later: OK, it's a good thing I got that 3000+ in earlier because now I'm pooped. The little chore I'd scheduled to keep me busy between writing sessions sort of...morphed...into something bigger than I'd expected. And I am finding that this writing biz is tiring! So - I will try for the 3 3,000 word sessions again tomorrow! Maybe get an earlier start...

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