Friday, November 25, 2011

OK, I'm over the 30,000 word hump tonight! I still have all day tomorrow and all day Saturday to reach 45,000 - that's 7500 words each of two days. But I did almost 2,000 in a little under...say...5 hours. Heheh. Well, it's going to be a squeaker, isn't it? However, some of that time today I spent working on the plot, and also on some cooking and cleaning (seems to help when I'm stuck on the plot). So - I bet I can get darn close to 45K by Sunday night! And then I'll have Monday, Tuesday and clear until midnight Wednesday to get the last 5,000 words in! That, my friends, is a Piece Of Cake.

I AM going to win this thing this year. There is a shiny, wonderful NOVELIST badge waiting for me to claim it (and according to the rules of NaNo I will be permitted to wear it at every single family gathering from now until the end of time for my relatives to tremble in awe and admiration) AND I will be getting the 50% discount on the price of the writer's program Scrivener, which is turning out to be pretty darned good. Lots and lots of features I haven't needed yet, but which I might someday find absolutely vital, and they provide a ton of video tutorials and forums etc so I'm looking forward to that. (Truthfully, Scrivener is priced *extremely* reasonably so I'll buy it even if I don't hit 50K, but I'd rather get the discount). ANNNNND there are some kind of secret web pages at the NaNoWriMo site that ONLY "Winners" get to see. I'm very curious about those.

But the really big incentive is that I just sent a check off today to Mr. Typewriter for an Olivetti Lettera DL / 33 portable typewriter. This is the typewriter I bought myself in 1968 to take to college with me. It also, as it turns out, was the model that what's-his-name used to write Apocalypse Now. I loved that little typewriter. I have no memory of what happened to it, though. It must have vanished from a yard sale or something. *sigh* I'm getting to the age where I'm vulnerable to this ridiculous kind of nostalgia-splurge. Gonna have to be careful about that.

AFTER I get my typewriter. And it will be much better for my conscience if I've "won" NaNo before it gets here.

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