Friday, November 11, 2011

Well, to my surprise, I did it! I got caught up to my 2,000 word a day goal tonight! This, after I didn't write at all the night before the night before last, I wrote the night before last, then didn't write again last night. I've been really tired, and my stomach's been burning. I suspect this is all about Week Two of NaNoWriMo. They told me there'd be days like this. However, despite my discomfort and grumpiness, I sat down and hammered out enough words to get caught up again. And I still have two more days of weekend to go! I hope to have built up another nice word-cushion by Sunday night.

I won't say anything about the novel itself because I've locked up my Internal Editor in a deep, dark dungeon many many light-years from here until the book is finished.

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