Monday, July 27, 2015

And today, the Third Thing

I came downstairs this morning to discover my AC is on the fritz. A repair person is supposed to show up sometime today. The dispatcher told me they try to get same-day service on ACs when it's hot. Fortunately, today isn't *that* hot - yet. An overcast 82°, and it's 79° in the house. If the sun comes out before the repair van arrives, I can always scurry upstairs and hide in my bedroom with the window AC on. If it gets too hot, that is. So far, so good.

But I think tradition calls for the Three Things curse to move on now, doesn't it? I've had three: cancer, the rear axle falling out of my car, and now the central AC dying? I hope? Of course the first one - utterly vanquishing the first one, I mean - totally makes the rest seem mighty small in comparison. So I'm not in the least bit upset or stressed about any of it. Life is good.

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