Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thing 3 resolved

Repairman came yesterday late (almost 6 pm) and diagnosed the problem quickly: it had "frozen up." Whatever that means, it wasn't good. However, he knew how to fix it, so he returned at 8 this morning and fixed it. The $900 part that had failed was under warrantee, as was the whole AC system since I just got it installed last August (and I found out it's a 5-year warrantee, not a 1-year, as I'd assumed! Yay!), so all this labor and that solid-gold (apparently) part cost me $.0.00. That is quite a relief! And the new part now has a five-year warrantee of its own.

A good outcome for Thing 3, I think.

Still waiting to hear from Hyundai HQ about my car. (Thing 2)

I have my two-week post-op follow-up appointment with my oncologist tomorrow. (Thing 1).

Hoping I get back to the usual dull roar level of activity around here, SOON.

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