Monday, July 20, 2015

Recuperation days

So, I'm getting what I call "a lot" of knitting done on the current sock, the first of a pair in CottonBambooSilk ("CoBaSi") in buttercream yellow. Turned the heel last night and got started on the foot.

I really need to keep knitting because when I'm not knitting, I'm spending money online. Like, on more yarn. More books. And cat food (easier to have them deliver 36 cans than try to get to the pet place without a car. I'm not up to bus trips yet).

Actually, that about sums up my life in general: yarn, books, and cats.


And I'm retired, and I have white hair, and I'm a grandma, so I tick a lot of a certain stereotype boxes, don't I. Works for me!

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