Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It was bound to happen

I think I'm getting a bit of cabin fever. Without a car (mine is sitting at the dealership, I'm waiting to hear from them to find out if the manufacturer is going to pay me something since its rear axle basically just fell out, rendering the vehicle junk), and still taking things very slowly as per doctor's orders, I'm feeling useless and restless. I've got knitting and the internet and lots of books, sure. And being an introvert I actually enjoy long periods of solitude and quiet. But once in awhile, I get the urge to Do Stuff. I heeded it to a certain extent Sunday - putzing in slo-mo around the house getting a few housekeeping projects done, which also involved many slo-mo trips up and down the stairways - and I've been paying for it since, in soreness and fatigue. OK, OK, I get it. Three months. *sigh* Only eleven more weeks to go until I can begin trying to regain what little physical strength and (even littler) stamina I had before surgery.

So, casting my eye around at all the dozens of things I already have available to do, I spy a sewing book I'd forgotten I have.

Sew What! Skirts
These are really easy skirt how-tos with a minimum of pattern-drawing or paper cutting. These three fabrics would make great skirts. I like skirts in the summer, they're cool and comfortable. 

I love this outfit, drawn by Corey Egbert. I love his illustrations, you can make your eyeballs feel good by visiting his web site here. But I continue to look for tee shirt fabric with that kind of free-hand gray stripe, with no success. If I could find it, I'd SO make that outfit, and there are places to buy that hat, too. I'd get me some gray tights and knit a black and gray scarf, and find a black-and-gray zigzag purse and I would be happy forever after. 

Something else I think is really cool is the garrison cap. I've had a couple of patterns for these for years and have never mustered the courage to try them. I wouldn't use military fabric, of course. With an infinite selection of fabulous prints in a wide range of fabric weights at Spoonflower, I'd go with some of those.

So, lots of ideas for sewing projects. Perhaps there will be things to show off here in a few days. Maybe.

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